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Engineering GREAT the IMI Way

The Engineering GREAT theme signals the start of the next phase of the group’s development: harnessing our engineering heritage to take what is seen as a good business and turning it into a great business. A business that is growing profitably and sustainably. A business that fosters its long term prospects and delivers results for shareholders. Doing it in our way: core processes, a positive culture and a code of conduct that together is uniquely IMI.

The challenge is taking a ‘good’ company and turning it into a ‘great’ company. A Group that thinks long term, always delivers on its commitments to produce results and profitable sustainable growth, invests in its future and is preferred by employees, customers, partners and investors.

Engineering GREAT - Engineering GREAT means taking what's good at IMI and transforming it into something brilliant, life-changing, long-lasting and world-class.

What this means for...


We’re transforming good into GREAT, giving you all the tools, support and connections you need to realise your potential, and ours.


We’re investing in innovation and the smartest, global systems, so customers get GREAT solutions and a unique service that is totally engineered around them.


We’re focused on the world’s toughest challenges, engineering ways for industry to be smarter, safer and more sustainable, so we can all enjoy a GREAT future.


We have a clear strategy to improve our long-term, sustainable growth performance through innovation and operational discipline, so investors can invest with GREAT confidence.

The IMI Way

The IMI Way: Code - The way we act. Branding - The way we look. Behaviour - The way we behave. Responsibility - The way we impact. Core Processes - The way we improve.