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Our People

The steady progress we made during the year on our strategic plan is primarily down to the hard work and dedication of our employees around the world. To ensure that this progress is maintained and to position IMI for accelerated sustainable growth, we recognise the need to continue to attract good people, strengthen our talent pipeline and ensure that we have the relevant skills and experiences to serve our customers well. We continue to focus on ensuring that we provide a working environment within which our people can develop, understand the contribution they make and be fully engaged.

The IMI Code

It is essential that we run our business in an ethical way with the highest standards of integrity. As part of their induction, every employee who joins the Group receives training in relation to our Code of Conduct (the 'Code'), which covers antibribery, anti-corruption and fair market competition. Refresher training on the Code is provided regularly as appropriate and is reinforced through face-to-face sessions at the annual IMI Way Day.

During the year Code training was enhanced by the introduction of a number of e-learning programmes which utilise the Group's global intranet that employees, regardless of location, are able to access. In April we ran a Group-wide e-learning module focused specifically on anti-bribery and anticorruption. The module was completed across our businesses within six weeks. In October, as part of our supplier evaluation process, all our purchasing teams participated in an e-learning programme to raise awareness of slavery and human trafficking to ensure neither take place in either our own or our suppliers' businesses.

We encourage all employees to report to their manager any incident that is not in keeping with the IMI values and behaviours. We also operate a confidential independent compliance hotline in more than 20 languages which employees can use to report issues anonymously. Hotline activity is reviewed on a monthly basis by the Group's Ethics and Compliance Committee, which I chair, and all reports are investigated thoroughly and, where required, appropriate action is taken to resolve issues quickly. During 2016 48 cases were reported via the hotline which compared to 97 in 2015 and 103 in 2014.

Colleagues from Critical Engineering and Precision Engineering collaborate during The IMI Way Day

Attracting good people and strengthening our talent pipeline


Our performance and our ability to execute our strategy is dependent on recruiting the best people with the most relevant skills and experience who are aligned with our values and behaviours and our strategic ambition. During the year we continued to improve our recruitment processes. In particular our graduate programme, which was refreshed at the beginning of 2015, continued to go from strength to strength as we recruited twice as many graduates in 2016 (31) compared to 2014 (15).

Diversity and Inclusion

At IMI we believe it is essential that we employ and retain the very best people to serve our global business and our diverse customer base. In 2015, a revised Diversity and Inclusion Policy was embedded in the recruitment and other human resource processes and procedures that we operate across the Group. By applying this policy, we aim to recruit the best people to execute our strategic priorities and to reflect the location of our operations, customers and markets. Additionally, when creating shortlists for internal and external vacancies, we insist that external recruiters take account of our policy and, as part of our internal management performance process, each Divisional Managing Director is set objectives aimed at improving diversity in their division. These objectives include an ambition to recruit local talent and during 2016 much progress was made in this area. By way of example, at the end of December 2014 across the Group, 32 of our management or senior technical roles were undertaken by expatriate employees on secondment from their home country. Today only 11 of these positions are undertaken by expatriates who have returned to roles in their home countries and have been replaced by talent developed or recruited locally.

During 2016 our approach to diversity and inclusion was further embedded by the addition of a number of diversity awareness training programmes. Our leadership development programme, Leading the Way to Engineering GREAT, includes a session on diversity and inclusion and we have piloted a standalone e-learning programme on diversity, which employees can access via our global intranet.

A group of 2015 intake graduates undertake a mock lean audit at Hydronic Engineering’s facility in Poland as part of their development workshop

Developing our people

Development programmes

To achieve our strategy we must continue to ensure that our employees have the relevant business and leadership capabilities.

In 2016 around 100 people participated in our 'Leading the way to engineering Great' programme, which is focused on our senior management team and potential future leaders. In addition, across the Group, 200 people joined our 'Being a Great IMI Manager' development programme which is targeted at employees who have recently been promoted to a management role. The programme's two and a half day training course was run in China, the Czech Republic, Germany, the UK and the US and, in 2017, the programme will be further extended to include Italy, Poland and Sweden.

IMI Learn, our e-learning platform which is hosted on our global intranet, was launched in February and during 2016 over 8,000 employees around the Group participated in e-learning modules on a wide range of business specific topics as well as training in relation to anti-bribery and anti-corruption and diversity and inclusion, both of which are highlighted above.

Our Operations Fast Track programme, which runs for 12 months and covers both professional and personal development, was first launched in our Hydronic Engineering division in April 2015 and has continued to be rolled-out across the division during the year. The programme focuses on our next generation of managers and its main objective is to accelerate their development and create internal succession candidates.

IMI’s 2016 graduate intake during their two week induction at HQ

Engaging our people

At IMI we also recognise that we must retain good people. In addition to the development opportunities outlined above, providing a positive working environment which enables our employees to understand the contribution they make and be fully engaged is key to our success.

The global intranet has been instrumental in keeping employees informed and connected across the Group and it has also facilitated crossbusiness collaboration and the sharing of best practice. In terms of face-to-face engagement our annual Group and divisional conferences, which involve our top 350 managers, serve as a catalyst to cascade information across our businesses and all management who attend are required to share conference key messages with their broader teams. The Group's financial results, strategic progress and important initiatives in areas such as health and safety are communicated through a number of mechanisms including regular town hall meetings. We also work with our European Works Council, covering 11 countries across Europe, to further encourage effective employee communication and engagement.

Twice a year we publish our cross divisional magazine, the IMI Eye, which features news stories generated by our businesses around the world and is distributed in multiple languages to employees and key stakeholders.

We gather feedback from employees annually. This takes the form of a survey that is completed at the end of the IMI Way Day and covers a number of key areas. All survey feedback is reviewed and areas where understanding needs to be improved or potential concerns are identified and further investigated via a pulse survey (a quick and effective real time survey that gathers further detail) in the relevant part of the business. If required, based on the pulse data information, appropriate actions are put in place to resolve issues and clarify understanding.

During a week of development activities for our 2015 intake of graduates, one of IMI Precision Engineering’s current graduates presents his most recent project to his peers in the Czech Republic