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Our People

The steady progress we made during the year on our strategic plan is primarily down to the hard work and dedication of our employees around the world. To ensure that this progress is maintained and to position IMI for accelerated sustainable growth, we recognise the need to continue to attract good people, strengthen our talent pipeline and ensure that we have the relevant skills and experiences to serve our customers well. We continue to focus on ensuring that we provide a working environment within which our people can develop, understand the contribution they make and be fully engaged.

Attracting good people and strengthening our talent pipeline

During 2015 we launched a number of new and updated development programmes across the Group.

Following a detailed review in 2014, which was undertaken by a diverse crossdivisional team which took account of feedback from past and present recruits, we launched an updated graduate programme. The main changes were two-fold: firstly the programme, which was previously focused on developing leadership and managerial skills, was realigned to support our strategy and, in particular, recruit and develop the best engineering talent capable of delivering new products and world-class customer service, both of which are key elements of our organic growth plan. Secondly, to replace the former Group-wide single scheme and increase our international mix and level of hiring, our three divisions have each developed their own programme tailored to meet their specific needs. In an increasingly competitive environment this bespoke approach ensures that our graduate recruits quickly gain a deep understanding of our customers, their needs and the markets in which they operate. Equipped with this in-depth knowledge and benefitting from at least one placement outside their home country, our graduates will be better able to contribute to their businesses from an early stage in their career.

During the year we introduced a new leadership development programme which is also aligned to IMI’s strategy and its objective is to develop relevant skills and leadership capabilities to support the Group’s growth plan. Senior managers from around the Group participated in the inaugural programme which was launched in July 2015.

‘Being a GREAT IMI Manager’, our new management and supervisory programme was also launched in November and will be rolled out globally in 2016 to over 200 of our supervisors and managers. The programme’s objectives are to equip managers and supervisors with the skills to manage their people and their part of the business.

Serving our increasingly diverse customer base

We are a global business. To ensure that we deliver competitive products and solutions to our increasingly diverse customer base we must employ and retain people who have the best relevant skills, experience and ideas. We have a diverse Board in terms of gender and nationality and in our businesses we always seek to appoint and promote local talent.

In 2014 we formally articulated our approach to diversity through the introduction of a revised diversity and inclusion policy. In 2015 and following the introduction of the revised policy, each of our divisions embedded in their businesses specific and relevant diversity objectives including setting recruitment targets for apprenticeships and graduate programmes. This work is progressing well and already delivering results. By way of example in 2015, through our graduate programme, we hired 28 new recruits, a third of which are female, from 13 nationalities.

Operating more efficiently and transparently in our reward processes

Improving performance across all areas of our business by operating more efficiently is a key priority and a driver of our growth plan. Running our HR, finance and other functions across the Group in an efficient way is as important as operating our production facilities effectively.

During 2015 we made good progress towards simplifying and harmonising the employee benefit schemes that operate across the Group. Working with Mercer, a specialist consultancy focused on employee rewards, we undertook a detailed internal audit of existing benefits and benchmarked them against benefits available in our sector globally to ensure that our offering is in line with market best practice. Our audit revealed that we operated a large number of varied schemes around the world including over 84 pension plans, 90 car policies and 89 health plans. Administration of these arrangements absorbed a significant amount of time and added an unnecessary layer of complexity in the day-to-day running of our HR operations.

During the year the number of schemes have been reduced significantly. For example, the 500 bonus schemes that previously operated have been rationalised and now only 15 incentive schemes exist across the whole of the Group, all of which are directly linked to IMI’s strategic growth plan. We have also standardised a number of procedures, including annual pay reviews, which are now harmonised, wherever practical, to take place on 1 January every year.

As we have reduced the number of schemes and simplified operating procedures administration has become easier and more efficient. Furthermore this rationalisation process will enable us to leverage the purchasing power of the Group to achieve the most competitive pricing. Already across the Group, through the rationalisation and simplification of pension plans, we have achieved savings and reduced our liability in this area.

Engaging effectively with employees

In response to employee requests for improved communication, we have further invested in our Group intranet and to date we have had over four million hits from employees who use the tool on a daily basis to facilitate collaboration with other parts of the Group and share best practice. During the year each division also introduced their own divisional intranet platforms to improve the flow of communication between the businesses in each division. In addition our newsletter the IMI Eye, which covers news stories and updates about all our businesses, is produced twice a year and is distributed to employees and stakeholders across and outside the Group.

Building on the work undertaken in 2014 in relation to communicating IMI’s values to all our employees, in 2015 we launched our IMI Way Behaviours.

These core IMI Behaviours have been communicated to all employees as part of the IMI Way Day (held in June 2015) and are embedded in all our HR processes including performance management, recruitment, talent development and reward. We continue to hold the IMI Way Day annually and to seek feedback from employees through this and local pulse survey data.