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Case Studies

We've helped businesses and organisations across the globe face all kinds of technical difficulties. From keeping Alaska pipelines flowing to making sure boilers fire in electricity generation plants, our engineers get involved in everything you can imagine. It's challenging, it's fun and it'll transform your career.

We offer real engineering roles for real engineers, in a place where you can grow your knowledge, experience and career like nowhere else.

In the summer of 2011 our Critical Engineering division helped a Peruvian gas supply company to expand their residential pipeline system using a split valve approach, to efficiently address potential noise and temperature issues. And when maintenance engineers at New York City Transit experienced conditions where moisture in compressed air caused mechanical problems in subway cars, they asked our Precision Engineering division for help. Using patented technology they were able to deliver higher moisture uptake and faster purging, improving both performance and longevity.

Read more about how our different divisions have made a difference around the world, and see what you could be getting involved with.