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Career Path

Are you a self-starter with bags of initiative, raring to go after every opportunity? At IMI we're ready to harness those qualities and encourage you to pursue a varied career path, with our full support, training and guidance. We want you to reach your potential, and believe there's nowhere better to do it than with us. Working in a range of challenging and rewarding roles, we'll help you gain all the skills and experience you need to succeed in our business.


Your Development

Make a real difference to our success, and we'll help you get everything you want from your career. Right from the start we'll give you high quality training, with hands-on practical sessions that will ensure you’re well-equipped for the journey ahead. On each and every placement you can expect first-class support from your mentor, the graduate team and your local manager. And most importantly, you'll get to see the full product lifecycle of your work – from product development to implementation.

We want to fill our engineering talent pipeline for years to come with the very best there is. With us, you won’t be just another graduate. You’ll be the future of our business. We want to see you progress from the programme onto a career path that is perfect for your skills – and for us.

If you're as ambitious as we are, the possibilities here are endless.

Development success

Who knows where you could be in the future. Roy Twite joined IMI in 1988 as a graduate. Today, he’s an Executive Director on our Board and Divisional Managing Director of IMI Critical Engineering. Kieran Griffin joined IMI as a graduate in 2001 and now he's Head of Engineering for IMI Hydronic Engineering. Apply to join us today and your aspirations and hard work could take you down your own path.

Whether you want to be the next Project Manager in America, Technical Director in China or Head of Engineering in Switzerland, you can be sure of one thing: there will be some amazing opportunities open to you here. The future is yours to determine.

Watch the clip below to hear from Eveline, one of our current graduates, about her career path experience at IMI. Eveline is a Mechanical engineer, gaining her degree from Leeds University in the UK. She has a passion for the IMI Critical Engineering division and says the most surprising thing she has found so far is the willingness from colleagues and senior management to support and entrust responsibilities onto graduates (herself included).