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Critical Engineering Programme

IMI Critical Engineering is a world leading provider of solutions for the energy and process industries and a great place to make an impact right at the start of your career. Should you choose to join us, you will find yourself designing highly-engineered solutions for some of the world’s biggest names in the industry.

We operate a global service network with manufacturing facilities in 16 countries. As part of our IMI Critical Engineering Graduate Programme, we are looking for talented individuals, in the USA, Czech Republic, Italy, Germany and China to help us develop our engineering footprint in our Critical Engineering division. Ideally you must have (or be expecting in 2017) a good degree in either a Mechanical Engineering or Manufacturing/Industrial degree.

The IMI Graduate programme is an engineering programme aimed to provide you with experience in various engineering disciplines and companies within a 2-year period. During your placements, you will be closely involved in Project Engineering, New Product Development, Application Engineering and Project Management. The training and experience received in this period is a key part of your engineering career and you have the chance to decide, upon the completion of your final placement, what discipline suits your talents.

Your first placement will be within your home country (USA, Czech Republic, Italy, Germany or China), while your second placement could be at any IMI Critical Engineering manufacturing facilities in the 16 countries. Throughout both placements you will be supported by a mentor, who is a senior manager within the business. The Engineering and Human Resource leads for your home country will also work with you to develop your career. But it will be up to you to take control of your future and fulfil your ambitions.

Once you reach the end of the two years, you will be expected to move into a permanent role in your home country. This will be the start of your challenging and fulfilling career at IMI Critical Engineering where you can leave your mark and build your engineering career with us.

If you're ready to take control of your future, head to our Requirements page for application details.

Find out more about our locations here.