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Patrice Salameh

Patrice joined the graduate programme in 2013, and post-programme is now a Process Engineer with IMI Precision Engineering in Mexico.

“In the two years of my programme I worked in Business Development in IMI Critical (Manchester), Project Management in IMI Hydronic (Sweden), Sales & Operations (Mexico) and Continuous Improvement Engineering (Mexico). Working closely with so many areas of a global engineering company has helped me decide which areas I am most passionate about. Plus, learning to work with a new team every six months, I feel much more confident when facing new challenges and integrate easily into different teams.

“I’ve also learnt how to think imaginatively and find new ways of doing things. Each placement gave me specialist understanding that helps hugely in my current process engineering role. Having worked in business development, I understand the customer needs that drive design processes. And experience of project management has helped me develop my organisation skills. What’s more, my time spent in continuous improvement has given me a new perspective on ways to improve operations. Which all makes a big difference in my day-to-day job, and helps me on the way to becoming a Project or Engineering Manager or taking a more customer-oriented role, in, for example, Business Development.”