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Mohamed Youssef

Mohamed is finishing his final placement with IMI Precision Engineering in the UK.

“After graduating from university I was full of energy, motivation and the ‘need to succeed’. However, although I knew I wanted to be an engineer, I didn’t know where I would fit. That’s where IMI came in. Not only is it a highly reputable multi-national business that is an expert in niche markets, but I also knew that the graduate scheme would give me the opportunity to work in different areas and get a feel of where I can add most value.

“I was surprised how every graduate on the scheme is extremely like-minded but yet different. And by the stupendous amount of support and care that the graduate team provides for every single one of us – that’s beyond priceless. To do well here, you need to be adventurous, brave and always willing to learn from every new experience that is thrown your way. Each placement is fast-paced and intense, especially if you want to get the most of it."