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Continuing to innovate to secure leadership position


Division:IMI Critical Engineering

Date:24 March 2017

To maintain our market leading positions and reputation for engineering expertise, our product offering must respond to changing market dynamics so that at all times we provide customers with the best competitive solution that meets their current requirements.

As the leading supplier of valves to the liquefied natural gas (‘LNG’) sector, we are well positioned to identify developing trends and anticipate likely changes in customer demand. In particular, impacted by the oil price decline and following a period of rapid growth when a number of sizeable LNG plants using large valves were constructed, it was clear that customer requirements would change as they looked to build smaller and more cost efficient plants. In response, our product development teams created a new lightweight valve which has a computationally optimised profile, replacing the previous valve’s heavier and more expensive body. This new spherical profile optimises the design of the valve, reduces its weight and improves performance without compromising its strength or durability.