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IMI CCI technology trail blazes safer operating at major Saudi gas processing plant

Location:Arabian Gulf

Division:IMI Critical Engineering

The Arabiyah-Hasbah development contains 13 offshore platforms from which gas is gathered through trunk lines and transported to the Al-Wasit onshore gas plant. Challenges included multiple sources of power both onshore and offshore, long distances traversed by trunk lines, high pressures and temperatures, non-traditional wellheads, corrosion, the presence of sulphur, unconventional flare requirements and a demanding project time line. The HIPPS enable safe operation through rapid opening and closing of the system, preventing overpressure of the platform by shutting off the source of high pressure before the design pressure of the system is surpassed. The systems were installed at all 13 wellheads, preventing equipment exposure to the higher pressure of the reservoir and generated a significant costs advantage for the overall system. Saudi Aramco are so pleased with the success of the HIPPS system they are proposing it should become the industry standard for oil & gas.