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IMI CCI Vienna innovates one of the largest titanium valves ever built


Division:IMI Critical Engineering

Date:October 2014

The benefits of titanium in sea water applications has been widely recognised by the offshore Oil & Gas industry in recent years. Today, principally in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea, the number and variety of applications of titanium and titanium alloys is increasing at an exponential rate.

The innovation of unique titanium valves is part of the industry’s effort to ensure the highest safety levels for newly developed offshore floating platforms.

The latest IMI CCI titanium valve allows periodical cycling tests of the platform’s fire water system, and real time safety testing for the personnel on board.

Titanium is immune to corrosion and reduces the installation weight by half which is an important factor for offshore floating platforms. The extended service life and reduced maintenance needs, in combination with enhanced safety provides further crucial benefits for the client.

Innovation in new product development is firmly embedded within the IMI Critical Engineering.