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Quartet of IMI Critical brands join forces at global exhibition for the chemical process industries


Division:IMI Critical Engineering

Date:June 2015

Four IMI Critical brands joined forces to showcase their latest technologies at Achema 2015, a leading global exhibition for the chemical process industries, which took place in Frankfurt, Germany.

IMI Bopp & Reuther exhibited under IMI branding for the first time, taking its place alongside IMI Zikesch, IMI Th Jansen and IMI Z&J (Zimmermann & Jansen). The four companies showcased specialist safety relief valves and pressure relief valves which have been designed using the latest materials to offer premium uninterrupted performance in extremes of temperatures, pressure and exposure to corrosion.

IMI Critical Engineering is a long-term, key strategic partner to the power, oil & gas, petrochemical, iron & steel and other process industries, and being able to showcase four of its core brands together this year at Achema gave delegates the opportunity to understand the breadth and depth of the experience and skills IMI Critical Engineering can offer.