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A large boost for a Compact solution in Turkey


Division:IMI Hydronic Engineering

Date:October 2014

IMI Hydronic Engineering’s new pioneering pressure independent balancing and control valve, TACompact-P, has been welcomed in Turkey’s growing dynamic balancing valve market. Even before the start of full-scale production of the new valve, the first project order had been received. As the benefits of the valve became increasingly apparent to customers, further orders were won with the result that over 21,000 valves were sold in the first six months of TA-Compact-P’s launch in the market. And the success looks set to continue as IMI Hydronic Engineering works together with five selected partners who act as hydronic system integrators in Turkey.

The first order was for the new leukemia hospital for children as part of the “City for Children with Leukemia” in Ankara. The building complex of more than 90,000 square metres consists of a multi-disciplinary hospital, a hotel for families and a training centre. TA-Compact-P has the largest flow rates for each valve size in the industry, allowing smaller valves to be used to achieve the required flow rates, giving IMI Hydronic Engineering the competitive advantage. Today there are over 2,000 TA-Compact-Ps installed in the hospital complex.

Turkey’s large hotel and tourism conglomerate, Dedeman, invested in two new hotels in 2014, both in Istanbul. The project, Dedeman Levent, includes 240 rooms located right in the heart of the European side of Istanbul. IMI Hydronic Engineering has been awarded the project supplying the full portfolio of balancing and control valves from TA-Compact-P to TA-FUS1ON along with other standard control valves. Our approach as a total solution provider has been a major advantage, together with growing customer relationships, we have our contracted partners as the leading hydronic system integrators.