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Building a sustainable competitive advantage


Division:IMI Hydronic Engineering

Date:24 March 2017

To drive competitive advantage and market leading positions we must offer customers cutting edge products and technologies that solve their engineering challenges in the most efficient and environmentally sustainable way.

Hydronic Engineering was the first of our divisions to bring new products to market with the launch of 14 new products in 2014 and 15 new products in 2015. During the year, new product development momentum has been maintained largely through the advanced product quality process which involves the systematic tear-down of competitor products. During 2016, Hydronic Engineering further broadened its customer offering with the launch of another 15 new products. These include an innovative dirt separator, G-Force, which quickly and effectively removes dirt from water-based heating systems, eliminating the risk of damage or shut downs. The G-Force incorporates highly efficient cyclonic technology, which cleans heating and cooling systems up to nine times more efficiently than any other dirt separator on the market. It is also the only dirt separator on the market with flexible installation positions which are of great benefit to customers if space is a challenge during installation. These new product launches will make an important contribution to the division’s growth.