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Football fever!


Division:IMI Hydronic Engineering

Date:July 2014

The Football World Cup is one of the most watched sports competitions in the world. The location and choice of stadiums for each competition are very important; these are the places where the football lovers will celebrate their favorite sport and teams. No wonder then that stadium selection is very complex and the location, capacity, design and environmental impact are amongst the first things to be considered.

IMI Hydronic Engineering was proud to be part of this major event not just in 2014, but over the years – having helped to design and control HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) in over 30 stadiums around the world. We have played our part to create perfect climates for spectators to watch the football – be it live or from the comfort of their own homes.

For this World Cup, we supplied products to nine of the stadiums used with seating capacity ranges from 28,000 to 78,000 seats. The Arena Fonte Nova in Salvador held a quarter-final match and the Arena da Amazônia in Manaus held some of the group games.

When considering comfort for this tournament in Brazil it was important to take into account the area’s challenging climatic conditions, the heat and the tropical rain water. The HVAC solution therefore had to deliver an optimum indoor climate for tens of thousands of spectators, whilst still helping to reduce the energy bill.

IMI Hydronic Engineering supplied its expertise and products to both the new build and renovation stadiums, using TA-select software at the start to help determine the optimum component selection whilst ensuring at a strategic level that the system would respond in line with requirements. The solutions comprised a range of high performance balancing valves, differential pressure controllers, pressure-independent temperature control valves, pressure-maintenance devices and the TA-SCOPE – a powerful flow and pressure measurement and diagnostics instrument.