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Hydronic’s plants in Sweden and Germany awarded prestigious Green Power certificate

Location:Sweden and Germany

Division:IMI Hydronic Engineering

Date:June 2015

IMI Hydronic Engineering in Sweden and Germany successfully negotiated a frame agreement with Nordic Green Energy and FairEnergie GmbH respectively. As a result, they have also been awarded the Green Power Certificate.

This means that now all our electrical energy comes from exclusively renewable energy sources, such as sun, wind and water. Therefore, we are using mainly green energy in our facilities, which enables us to reduce to the minimum level the usage of gas during the production process!

Sweden is a leading country in the usage of green electricity, with 57% green energy production, and we are proud that IMI Hydronic Engineering is one of the country’s most committed and active players in reducing pollution and enhancing global well-being.

Within the Hydronic Division, the Ljung factory is the largest user of energy in Europe with a consumption of 24 million kwh/year, and the Erwitte site in Germany is the second largest with a consumption of 13 million kwh/year. Obtaining the Green Power Certificate is an excellent contribution to our commitment to environmentally-friendly energy solutions.