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IMI Hydronic Engineering launches Eclipse – the next generation thermostatic radiator valve with ‘Max the Dragon’ as its new face


Division:IMI Hydronic Engineering

Date:March 2015

The IMI Heimeier product range has been significantly enhanced by the launch of the new Eclipse TRV at the 2015 ISH Exhibition in   Frankfurt. The concept behind the creative campaign was to highlight the unique features of the Eclipse TRV that help to keep radiators incredibly silent and extremely accurate in terms of performance. So much so in fact , they can be used to control the precise room temperature required to hatch the egg of the bearded dragon – otherwise known as the Pogon Vitticeaos family of lizards. And with no risk of banging radiators, Eclipse additionally ensures a calm and noise-free environment for the new arrivals!

The Eclipse TRV has a unique integrated flow limiter that eliminates over flows. The required flow rate can be adjusted directly at the valve with a twist, and will not be exceeded even if there are load changes in the system due to other valves closing or during morning start up. The valve controls the flow rate independently from differential pressure and therefore complex calculations to determine settings are unnecessary.