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Applying lean techniques to improve recruitment


Division:IMI Hydronic Engineering

Date:June 2015

Starting in 2014, the new HR director at IMI Hydronic Engineering wanted to carry out a wholesale review of all the division’s HR processes. Supported by Laurie West, a specialist in lean techniques, the performance of each process was assessed and rated by its importance to internal customers.

It was immediately clear that recruitment offered the most opportunity for improvement where high turnover in key roles, difficulty in filling roles internally, long lead times in filing roles and carrying key vacancies for far too long were significant issues as well as candidates not being perceived as customers of the company’s HR process.

A wide range of corrective actions were identified during lean workshops with members of the team volunteering to lead projects that included establishing an internal recruitment process, developing standard job roles, training recruitment managers, developing strategic relationships with universities & search companies and using KPIs to track the performance of the process

The biggest benefit was engaging the HR team in improving their own processes. This gets buy-in and develops the capability of the team – we are learning by doing. We have learnt that lean techniques can be equally applied in a non-manufacturing area of the business in ways that are simple, practical and effective.