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Driving growth with a new go-to-market strategy


Division:IMI Precision Engineering

Date:24 March 2017

In 2015 we undertook an extensive review of all the businesses within our Precision Engineering division to identify the markets and products that offered the greatest potential to deliver the best returns. Building on the findings of this review, during the year we changed our go-to-market strategy and put in place a new regional, vertically focused, organisational structure.

Given the diversity of products and brands in the division, and the differences in the markets and regions where we operate, by structuring our operations by region in accordance with the key verticals we serve – Industrial Automation, Commercial Vehicle, Life Sciences and Energy – we are now able to provide a bespoke offering tailored to our customers’ specific requirements. In particular, we can now execute country and vertical marketing strategies that address distinct customer requirements, and target specific market opportunities focused on building stronger customer relationships. By organising our businesses in this clear way, both visibility and accountability across our operations have been greatly improved. With a single regional leadership team, we are all able to drive our lean and other operational improvement initiatives more consistently and effectively. This new organisation structure was adopted across our US businesses during the first half of 2016 and in the second half of the year, following the merger of our Western Europe and Continental European operations, it was implemented in our new single European business.