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IMI Norgren wins compression fittings contract


Division:IMI Precision Engineering

Date:February 2015

Founded in 1948, Japan’s Transport Engineering Company (J-TREC) is a well-established heavy rail car manufacturer with major customers across the region. It has earnt an enviable reputation for quality and sets high standards for all its suppliers.

J-TREC won the contract to provide new rolling-stock for the Purple Line Metro in Thailand – the line linking the northwestern suburb of Bangkok, and southern area of Thonburi in Rat Burana District.

For this contract, J-TREC needed EN standard air-piping connections which would fit under the floor of their carriages. In environments like this where there will be lots of vibration, it is important the connections do not leak and if required, connections can be easily and reliably remade without damaging the connecting tubes.

IMI Norgren’s 82 series compression fitting is our well trusted offering in this market and we won the contract. The IMI Norgren fitting exceeded the performance of the competitor fittings during customer trials with excellent workability and no leaks experienced after several times being disconnected and re-assembled several times.

Deliveries started in late 2014 and continues into the early part of 2015.